Future of Street Fighter

Is street fighter ever going to go back to its golden day “roots” of gameplay feeling like alpha or third strike?

The direction it’s headed seems abysmal.

Does anybody else feel this way? Why can’t capcom just take previois 2D engine and use it again? Or just bring third strike, alpha, cvs2, back to next gen consoles.


probably not. if you like A2/CVS2/3s you should just play them instead of hoping new games will be like them. A2 and CVS2 aren’t that active but 3s still has a reasonably sized online and tournament scene in the US, Europe, UAE, and Japan.

I give you a LoL for roots and third strike in one and the same sentence.

The Future is Marvel

Alpha Game Boy Master Race :smiley:


They need to just give SF2 a full remake.

O wow didn’t know Alpha was on gameboy!! SFV was supposed to be the entry in the franchise that fans of older games, especially Super Turbo, could appreciate. If it accomplished that is very debatable. So I think the future of SF (if is has 1) is going to be very different from 5

Pretty sure they just did. Ever hear of Ultra Street Fighter 2? Personally, I’d love to see them bring back all remaining characters from super street fighter 2 and reinvent them like they did with SFV’s Ken. Yes, I am truly “Old School”. Throw in Elena and Adon and you have an exciting cast. Other than Akuma, I’m quite disappointed with the season 2 cast.

They should do a SF1-remake. With only martial artists as characters. None of this Psycho Power-/Satsui no Hado-bullcrap.


Joe or Cody
Balrog (“replacing” Mike)
Dudley (replacing Birdie)
Gouken or Retsu
Ibuki or Geki
Lee or Yun
Chun Li
Fei Long
Zangief or Haggar
Kim Kaphwan or Hwoarang as guest character

In the trashbin

Not as long as Yoshinori Ono is still there.

Lol that’s a great idea. To be honest, I’d play the heck out of that, but knowing how Capcom is, they’ll screw it all up.

I hope sf6 will go back to cvs2, alpha 2 or 3 gameplay. There are only so many new directions they can go. I’m hoping they will be forced to go back.

They need to put their best work ever into a new SF title to avoid another SF5 backlash. At its core,this game has very interesting tactics but they need to add interesting new mechanics to enhance the experience and keep the game fresh.