Future DLC Costume Discussion

Hey everybody, new to the forums. I apologize immensely if there is a thread dedicated to this already. Now that the game is out I want to find out what the general consensus wants. Lord knows we got a lot of random skins in SFIV that didn’t really add anything for the history of the franchise. While I like some of the changes to the characters in the game theres a a gaping void waiting to be filled in the form of skins.

Ken - I know theres an Zero/Alpha skin waiting for us when the DEVs decide to open the store later this month but thats not entirely the same as the classic Ken we all know and love. I want a SFII/SFIII mid length hair Ken.

Dhalsim - While the Turban and Facial hair is breath of fresh air and can’t help it out feel that we need his Clean Shaven Classic look.

M. Bison - Again, Would like the Classic Dictator with all out his youth minus long shirt.

Vega - Looking for some Nostalgia again… shirtless please.

Chun Li - Since we’re getting Zero/Alpha Ryu, Ken, and Nash it wouldn’t hurt to get her counterpart as well. I’m a big fan of that look.

Cammy - Same thing as Chun.

That’s all for now, Although I would like to mention based on the artwork of Alex for this game I would like his Original look as a skin as well I haven’t seen what it actually looks like in game. What can I say I love my Street Fighter. Not Exactly ignorant to change but I would like the option to play the returning characters in the past iterations.

There is a thread, but tbh was’nt easy to find

Said that, i agree with you on many,mine will be

SF3 Ken
SF2 Dhalsim
SFA M. Bison
SF2 Vega
SFA Chun Li
SF2 Cammy