Funniest Match ups

I didn’t see a thread like this posted and I thought it would be fun for people to post some of the funny teams that people try to spam to win.

(I’m not bitching and whining I think its funny)

I fought a guy who had arthur/magneto/doom and all he did was spam rays the whole match lol i would just teleport with zero and rushdown no problems, but the funniest thing was that he didn’t change his game plan he just kept doing it and i beat him with one character lol.

also played a guy who had hulk/haggar/sentinel

and all he did with hulk was mash s.H to try and BnB so i would just block and punish and with haggar all he did was spam the pipe lol and sentinel mouth beam he didn’t even try a launch one.

Cool story bro, i heard this was the cool story thread.

This could have been discussed in MvC3 general discussion, no need for a new thread.