Fun N' Games Farwell Tournament - November 17

Well, since Fun N’ Games is closing and we are having a goodbye tournament…

  • on November 17, the Saturday before it closes.
  • Fun N’ Games, Wayne, NJ (part of the willowbrook mall)

it is bring your own controller…

we are having a MVC2 tournament (dreamcast) and Third Strike (ps2).

registration is at 4PM and will be $10-$20 per game.

  • double elimination
  • best 2/3 and 3/5 for finals.

any other questions, just ask.

Damn… I just went to FnG for the first time ever 2 weeks ago… But yeah, I’ll be there with my dpad. :slight_smile:

I still think it’s just a rumor, but I’ll be there anyway. :rolleyes:

if people are interested i guess?

We are open to any tournament really,

as long as people will play sure.

CvS2, Arcana, and Turbo2 are also other games.

but even after the tournament we’ll all probablly be playing around still.

I haven’t been to a tourney at FnG yet (I heard there was a marvel one over the summer).

So lemme get this straight…it’s a console tournament…at an arcade?!

Either or, i’m in. Someone bring a camera!

Oh, and run DAT ARCANA!

wait why are you running ps2 games at FnG?

because the sticks blow balls

Yeah pretty much, also aren’t they going to start selling the machines like… now?

That’s what I hear anyway.

i can run arcana np

also ill let some peeps know

lol… ufc…

sorry i wont be there

Record it.

Rear Naked Choke!!!


so people, can “play their best” on their own sticks.

i ll probably be there.

good shit.

ok i’ll try to come anywhere wheres marvel i am there.

FNG is closing, not a rumor. With the 2 owner’s suing each other and the mall refusing to renew their lease it’s a sealed deal. Ask any of the refs and they will tell you.


Well that sucks, I’ll stop by today and find out for myself.

Let’s try to get the whole crew up in this for 3s, Cyborg Cop, World Warrior, Chris, Ray etc.

STFU back stabber of america, err i mean, sergio