Full Screen Windowed Mode [No Frames]

Is it possible for PC SSF4:AE?

It’s not possible using the game’s built-in engine but there might be some mods around for the main exe?

Try, alt-enter, I think that does what you want (in most games)

That’s not full screen windowed. I want to play at my max resolution but in windowed mode (so I can tab without it minimizing).

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood! My workaround for this (with SSFIV AE) is to reduce the resolution slightly, but I appreciate its not an ideal solution (that said, it does mean you can keep an eye on pidgin and thunderbird etc while you game)

There is a way. Download shiftwindow and follow these steps.

Start SSFIV windowed.
Under window, hit grab under window title, select SSFIV
under shift to, hit full screen client area. Monitor whatever if you have more than 1.
save the rule if you want.
and click trigger it.


How do you mean “under window”, is that something on your desktop or in SSF4 itself?

I suspect it is a menu option in shiftwindow

Oh right, I’ll take a look at this when I’m home.

Thanks guys.

Note that the game might not run as smooth in windowed as it does in fullscreen. Been trying with several different nvidia drivers, but it’s still not as stable as in fullscreen, so now I’ve given up. I don’t understand why some games lack the feature of windowed fullscreen, when it’s been in games for a long time now, and is used by a lot of people. Maybe it wasn’t as common a few years back, but now it’s very common for people to use several monitors, and it’s annoying as hell to keep tabbing just to see if someone joined my lobby or not.

Also, some games will let you move the game in windowed mode, to your second monitor, and hit alt-enter to make it fullscreen on it. But of course AE wont, so before playing I always have to make my second monitor my main display…