Full proof plan on how to get Speed King trophy/achievement

choose Leona

jump (hold down) > c (keep holding down) > c > up.c

it might take a few tries to do it and if you retry the level again press start on the 2nd controller.

holy shit i cant believe im #2 but records are meant to be broken ;[ but i will enjoy it while it last…


Damn, ty. I was gonna send you a message about it when I saw you’re name on the leaderboards. But posting it here just made it easy :tup:

I thought I did bad but yea… i saw it on gamefaqs on how to do it so I did it :smiley:

Damn, this is harder than I thought. The enemy’s random moves stops my jump in’s D:.

pick raiden, j.D, st.C, hcf+K, repeat

Yes! finally got the trophy. And I should be at rank 5 now.
But who cares about ranks xD, thnx for the guide.

Some extra info for those that dont like doing math:

You must complete each match in 42 sec. No later.
Thats 14 seconds per round. So before the 30sec timer reaches 16. (if you set your timer to 30sec)

I got it by doing this on the xbox version.

My time was exactly 3’29’83

Talk about cutting it close.

:china: Thanks again.

thanks, i just got the achievement using your method with plenty of time to spare.

I got it on Sunday. I was playing the 360 version. I pick Robert and did jump D, standing C, dp C and repeat.

LOL, I’m going to have to call shenanigans on the Leona and Raiden methods. :lol: The AI will gladly spend the entire round rolling back and forth against me on Xbox 360. Either that or it’ll sit in one place banging out anti-airs that stuff each jump-in. Perhaps this is PS3 specific? I’ve noticed that the skill levels are way off on the 360…easy is far more difficult than medium and hard is just about the same level as easy.

Its quite easy possible, took me about an hour and I got the game today, totally not used to its mechanics.

Try as hard as u can to get the lowest time possible in your first match(my best was 26seconds), if your not happy with your time, press start and go back to “Member Select” and start again. If your not happy with your time for any match after the 1st, u have 1 chance to repeat it.

This achievement is just utter bullshit with the computer jumping around like crazy. You’re only lucky if you can corner trap them otherwise its nothing but almost a waste of my time. I’ll probably come back to it.

Edit: Nevermind I got the trophy now. Just had to be a little persistent.

Best 26"01 With Leona!

Thats how the difficulties have always worked for me, I always set it to hardest because they block less…

I beated with Kyo in 3’32’10 the first time and yes i got pissed