Fukkking antihack

Yet again, we’re being hacked by some fucking mongoloids who come and ruin our games and our fun.

It’s about time somebody took action. I’m thinking of an IP-check program, that’ll record IP’s for every user who joins a server. If we find out who the bastards are, we can report the idiots to their ISPs. I think most ISPs are pretty intolerant to hacking.

If that fails, we could find a lame hacking program somewhere and hack them back, send them viruses and sign them up for gay porno.

So who wants to do the honor?

WTF are you talking about?

Usually admins can get in the games.

Uhh, both anti3D and Godweapon prevent people from joining games in progress. What are you talking about? o_O

That is true, admins can join games in progress. But I don’t think that’s what he is talking about, or somebody is making poor choices for admins.

both servers have text filters, or w/e

which limit the speed you can type… so text flooding isn’t really done anymore

what screws the servers it the join/leave pple or w/e who reconnect 1000 times in 30 seconds

can that be stopped?

Can’t stop people from reconnecting, but the version running on Anti3D and GW now fix the login problem that was causing people to have to reconnect. Have you seen anybody doing this recently? Like the last 2 weeks? I have not.