FT or FS: Genesis controller 2 PC Converter

I just made myself a Genesis to PC converter so I could play Snatcher and Sonic CD with the authentic Genesis pad. It’s a small plug that you plug a genesis pad into, and the other side goes into a parallel port.

Just wondering if there is any interest, I could make one for trade or for sale. :tup:

edit: I could also possibly make other converters too if there are any requests, but no 360 or PS3…

If you could make Saturn to Playstation I would be interested.

Lemme do some research first. :tup:

I would also be interested in a Saturn -> Playstation converter

how bout ps -> xbox?

magic box?

Playstation to Saturn sounds good, and Playstation to Dreamcast :wink:

but yea theres converters already but sometimes they are hard to find, and or overpriced.

hard to find :frowning:

There is one going for $35.

DC -> PS

PS/2(keyboard) -> PS

PS3 --> 360 or vice versa would save me tons of money so I didn’t have to buy 2 sticks.