FS XBOX 360, Headsets, Streaming setup, Arcade Sticks

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Actual shipping will be added on total.


[]XBOX 360 Fat w/ 120 GB HD and GS extended warranty (HDMI Compatible). $100 PENDING
]Turtle Beach X4 Headset (XBOX/PS3/PC, used, works) $75
[]Tritton AX Pro PENDING (XBOX/PS3/PC,NIB) $100
]HDHomerun Dual Tuner (broadcast tv over network, includes cables and Cat5) $60 - Transmit cable transmissions over ethernet/wireless
[]Streaming Mixer/Mics bundle$200 :
]Topco 120 Mixer- 4 Mono Mic/Line inputs; 4 Stereo Line Inputs;1 Aux Send; Tape Input/OutputBehringer ULTRAVOICE XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones, 3-Pack with case2x 20ft XLR cables; 2x table top mic stands
[]Blaze DC Twin Joystick (Dreamcast) $25 PENDING
]Blaze Twin Shock Joystick (PS1) $25 PENDING
[*]X-Arcade Dual Joystick $40http://www.xgaming.com/store/arcade-joysticks-and-game-controllers/product/x-arcade-dual-joystick/
Both Twin Joysticks for $40
All three Joysticks for $70

[*]Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition Fighting Stick (PS2/XBOX, NIB) $80 FIRM

can i get some pictures of that blaze twin stick for dc?

i would like some pictures for the ps1 twin shock please

To the two gentlemen above you can go to the below link. Both are very modable joysticks, actually there are premade holes where you can add buttons, exacto knife and a few sodders and viola youre done!


I’ll take the dreamcast stick off ya.

pm sent

I didn’t get the pm for some reason?

PM sent good sir.

DC Twin stick pending
Ps1 Twin Stick pending

It looks like you were running a podcast at one point, right?

Streaming actually, but it can be used for podcasting.too!

pix of X-Arcade?

Should be in the link in the op, see top of the post.

Also to clarify about the streaming setup, its everything you would need to add commentary to your stream or out of the box it would be a good setup for a podcast.

Xbox 360 spoken for.

I’m not seeing pics of the ‘Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition Fighting Stick’ in that link??


Um, will try to get a link to the pictures tonight. Sorry…

Hi, do you have pics for the xbox? Is that a jasper? Thank you.


Can the dual tuner be used just for video capture?

Have those twin sticks sold yet? I am interested in the dc and ps1 sticks.