FS; X-Men vs Street Fighter PS1

I’m trying to sell X-Men vs Street Fighter for the PS1. It’s in good working condition. Tried it on my PS3 with no problems. Thanks 60 Shipped

Holy shit that is high for a really bad port of this game. But I just checked ebay and that’s a fair price. Damn I bought it for $10 about a year ago. Hope you do well in your sale.

pfft 60 dollars. i found this at gamecrazy for 10.

I got it for free…AND it’s the Saturn version.

I just checked ebay prices and went by that. lol I guess I’ll just put it on ebay.

The difference between here and Ebay is that here, people know the value of things. You won’t sell a copy of MvC2 (ps2) for 100$ here either.

Then why bother to post ebay prices here to begin with.