FS/WTT: Xbox 360 and Xbox to PS2 converters!

Yes you read that right. What I have here:

  1. XFPS for Xbox 360. The main function of this thing is for keyboard and mice connectivity. As most of you know, the original two versions sucked for this function. The OTHER function (the one you guys care about) is the PS2 adapter that is also on the device. That one works perfectly without lag! The reason I am selling it is because I just bought a native XB360 joystick off these same forums, so I have no need for this now. I’ve had this thing for about 2 months and never really used it. I’ve tested it last week with a friends custom PSX PCB Sanwa joystick and it worked like a dream. Would like about $65 shipped.

NOTE: Requires a XB360 wired controller (doesn’t matter if it is 3rd party) to work. Not included.

  1. Xbox to PS2 converter. I bought this hoping that it would work with the XFPS because I like the Xbox Controller S better than the XB360 controller. Unfortunately it doesn’t (at least from what I can tell). Works fine with regular PS1/PS2 controllers. Would like about $20 shipped.

I accept PayPal or trades. All I’m really looking for in terms of trades at the moment is Xbox 360 games, fast notebook harddrives (like 60GB 7200rpm or more capacity with same speed), and 1GB modules of PC2700 DDR1 laptop ram.

Games I need of the top of my head are: COD4, Gears of War, Burnout Paradise, Guitar Hero bundle (don’t care whether GH2 or GH3), Madden 08, and Ace Combat 6.

Add FS/WTT: to that title sir.

Whoops. Forgot about that.

Can you test it for lag with a guitar hero game just to be on the safe side?

I don’t have a Guitar Hero game for XB360. But please believe me when I say there is no lag. I can notice the most minute lag in about anything. There is no problem with the PS2 converter portion.

PM sent for XFPS!



Bump again. Kind of surprised no one wants this. I’d also trade both of the adapters for some kind of PS2 stick…

Is this the Sniper 3.0 version? Have any pics?

Would you be willing to trade the XFPS Sniper 3.0 for a Neo Geo Stick 2 (the Mai version)?

I said in my first post that this was an original XFPS. If you want flawless keyboard/mouse play, just buy a cheapo PS2 keyboard/mouse converter like the SmartJoyFrag to plug into the PS2 slot.

XFPS Sold!