FS/WTT: 2 New PS3 Eye of Judgment with Eye Cam

Looking to sell off or trade these. Brand new, still have receipt.
$32(each)+shipping cost(fedex/ups/usps)
Picked up one as a gift, and one for myself. Didn’t end up buying a PS3.
Looking for sanwa/seimitsu parts, VSHG (dreaming, i know), or otherwise cool crap.

Just wanted to say that this is an amazing deal IMO. In fact, I almost hope you don’t sell one until after the holidays :slight_smile: So I can BUY it off you myself!

Didn’t look at your location, shipping to 92804, CA = ???

I know $32 for an Eye and PS3 game is cheap, but i don’t need them any more+ I like SRK :slight_smile:
USPS media mail http://www.usps.com/prices/media-mail-prices.htm is about $4 each for shipping in the US. It’s the least expensive, although I can ship however you want.

Just save me one :rofl:

So its sealed?

Both are sealed and unopened in original packaging