FS: World of Warcraft Account

I also posted this in the official wow thread. I have to sell my account due to stuff that came up IRL. This account will be great for somebody that just wants to do end game content without the tedious grinding.

My main is raid ready lv80 undead DK (unholy spec).
Epic gear/Rare gear/PVP and PVE gear
Eng/mining maxed out.
Has cold weather flying and chopper.
Account has lots of high level alt too, (so you don’t have to grind)
I’m not looking to make a profit.
PM me and i’ll give you the armory link.

Thanks for looking. I have 100% feedback on various forums/ebay.

I thought you weren’t allowed to sell these on here, pretty sure its in the rules.

Yeah against the rules buddy, please delete & read the rules :3