FS - Whole lotta adapters SOLD


Actually, not a ton of adapters. But a handful at least. I’m trying to get rid of these all at once, 85 bucks, obo. Know any tourney organizers, anyone? If these aren’t sold soon, I’m going to test to see if that joybox 9 will work on xbox controllers to PS3. It just might.

Included in this:

-Super Joybox 9 xbox to usb adapter
-2x radio shack adapters (work with PS3 as well, 1 fat, one compact)
-1 Pelican adapter. This is the one with the analog button, also switch for Guitar hero 1 and 2. Top Tier.

For DC
-1x EMS adapter, PSX to DC
-1x Total Control 2 adapter. PSX to DC, plus PS/2 keyboard port for keyboard support, and 9v power socket for rumble support. Both adapters have a VMU attachment spot.

Xbox -
1x PSX to Xbox adapter. I used this to play 3rd strike on xbox live, but I don’t do that anymore.

images here.

Someone better jump on this fast. Had I not just spent almost 200$ on my phone bill this shit would be sold.

Dibs. PM Sent.

Sold and paid for.

holy crap that was fast. I didn’t even have time to think twice about that price!

If you were going to go lower, maybe I should have waited. lol.

hah, no I got a message saying they would pay more.