FS:Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130

For Sale:

Excellent condition Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130.
Both side wired with dualshock pcb
only left side is populated with stock LS32 and sanwa buttons.
the other side is blank but I’ll throw in a full Sanwa Madcatz SE fight stick to populate the blank side PLUS a Pelican Adapter.
Excellent condition, no major or minor scratches…I wrapped it with gaffer tape when using it.

asking $300.

Local pick up in East Bay San Francisco Area.

willing to ship.




Does it come with the original box? Pics?

I have the original box…but its not in the best condition.

I would prefer local pick up cause its very heavy.

Right on, if you still have it for sale labor day weekend, I’m driving up there to pick it up. :smokin:

Good Luck with sales!


man… if you were doing 280 shipped id be trying to work something out… lol … anyhows ill bump because this is one of those sticks ive got to own someday … btw Spoon FTW !!

Yeah the stick is awesome…best retail stick ever! even better than the TE sticks.

if u willing to ship that stick let me know. i really want one.

I’d like to get my hands on that too. :frowning:
Too broke.

ill bump because i had some auditors at my work place today from Sunnyvale … lol … now only if my work would send me out there so I could pick this up … heres to dreaming…

Are buttons connected via QD on this one?

Can we get an update on the OP?!

If you’re willing to trade… For example, towards multiple TE/SE sticks, let me know. :wink:

Man, these things are awesome. I got myself a virtua stick pro last summer and modded it all up with a new oem astro 2p control panel from akihabarashop and added sanwa jlf’s and obsn’s (green on 1p side and pink on 2p side). Got them all wired up in psone pcb pads and works perfectly. Had to pay a fortune for the whole thing, but it was worth it. No regrets. Good luck on the sell.

I want 1 of these

I tried to buy one on eBay and the seller canceled the auction after I won it. I was pissed off the entire day. He probably realized that he was selling his soul.

Was it this one?

Nope, it was considerably cheaper than that. I don’t want to undermine the OP’s asking price though.

Do you have any pics of what’s for sale?

Yo kyle i talked to that seller thru email he wanted 500 plus shipping for. that was crazy. so that was u i was bidding against. i stopped bidding b/c i bought one from gigazord.