FS: Various Mad catz TE, SE and MAS sticks

i am selling a whole bunch of sticks. i have them listed on ebay and rather than type everything out again, its easier to just link to the auctions.

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I’m going to ebay right now to take a look.

If you manage to sell that SE, lemme know so that i can overprice the hell out of mine too and make some $$$.

lol now thats funny and true.

look at completed listings…thats what they are selling for with sanwa parts. why should i let mine go cheap when others have no problem getting that much?

Discontinued too. Damn I want that Alpha 3 CPS2 board!

I have one PM me, free bump :slight_smile:

Lack moneys. :frowning:

Im Sooooo far from hating, but if yours does sell, all im saying is, im following in your footsteps lol

Im gonna go and buy some sanwa parts, add em to this SE i have eating dust, and making profit xD

sold some. but still have a few for sale. also added another SE with seimitsu ls56 w/octo gate, and sanwa buttons

I might be interested in the 3rd Strike arcade board. I am pretty new to arcade boards though and wasn’t sure about the battery issue with 3rd Strike boards. Your listing says the battery had just been replaced. How long is it expected to last?