FS: Used Xbox 360 Wireless Controller PCB

I am selling a used Xbox 360 wireless controller for $35 shipped. You may have noticed that I wrote PCB in the thread title, and the reason for that is that the left bumper on the controller is not as responsive as it once was.

The issue is that the left bumper mechanism is mushy and no longer springy. However, the left bumper button still works. The controller is useless to me now, but it’s perfect for any joystick modders who want to make a wireless Xbox 360 stick.

Full disclosure: I did open the controller previously to perform the dpad mod, and later to troubleshoot the left bumper issue. The controller is fully functional and will be shipped via USPS with Delivery Confirmation (I assume you have the appropriate screwdriver to open the controller). Please note that the controller DOES NOT come with a rechargeable battery pack–it does come with the pack that uses batteries.

I accept Paypal. If you’re interested, please PM me.

EDIT: Price dropped.

Aren’t these like $40 new?

50 bucks new is standard for a wireless controller.

:wow: Damn, I never realized these things were that expensive. I’m still used to only having to pay $20-25 for my controllers (I’m still stuck in the last gen of consoles, PS2 is the newest thing I have :rofl:)

Yea, It is pretty retarded if you ask me.

A controller that cost just as much as a new game is stupid.
You would think it was just because the wireless technology costed a lot. But the wired regular controllers are only 10 bucks cheaper :confused:

Talk about bleeding the pocketbook.

The left bumper on one of my controllers has the same problem. I wonder if it’s a controller defect.

BUMP. I’m lowering the price to $35 shipped.