[FS-US-CA] Ultimate Arcade II Style, Premium Mame Arcade Cabinet

** Custom Built, Ultimate Arcade II Style, Premium Mame Arcade Cabinet **

Price: $1,500 (Cash) OBO
Pickup Only, No Shipping or Delivery

I built this cabinet about two years ago. Unfortunately, I have been too busy for the last two years to really enjoy it and it is taking up real estate my wife wishes to turn into a guest room. I am sad to part with it but would feel better if it received the attention (game play) it deserves.

The cabinet was built from MDF and laminated with Formica. I built it in three removable pieces (top, bottom and control panel) for easy moving and assembly.
The dimensions for the cabinet are:

74 Tall x 29 Wide x 44 Deep - The control panel is 44 x 18

**Here is a list of some of the many features I installed on the cabinet:
4 Player Control Panel
4 Happ (OG) Competition Joysticks with stainless steel balltops
1 Sanwa JLW 4-Way Joystick
1 3 Happ Trackball - Illuminated
1 Spinner
Fully illuminated control panel with Happ buttons and a Lexan overlay
25 Television Monitor with Happ Bezel
2.1 Stereo Surround Sound with Subwoofer
Fully Functioning Happ Coin Door
Coin Door works with tokens or quarters, we will include 100 tokens
One-touch Power On
Custom Admin Button Panel
Lockable Keyboard Drawer
2 flip-down drink holders
Locking caster wheels **

This cabinet DOES NOT include a computer, keyboard, mouse or games, you will have to supply your own.

If you are interested in purchasing the cabinet, please email us at: tmogaming[at]yahoo.com When you email, please provide your name, SKR name, location and telephone number. I will contact you via phone to discuss the cabinet other features and answer any questions you may have.

Please only serious offers/interest. The cabinet works perfectly and every feature functions. Only 5 people have ever played the cabinet. At the time of purchase, we will allow for a full preview of the machine and will explain the different features. Unfortunately, we can only have the cabinet previewed if you are seriously ready to purchase as my schedule is very hectic and I dont have a lot of time to have people come over to check it out.

Here are the pics.

Holy…shit…Amazing work!

Everything looks so clean and professional.
Sorry for not bidding but I wanted to comment on your [once again] fine work.

That is incredible!

I remember watching you building thread on this Tim, great work sad that you have to let it go.

Thank you for the kind words.

One final bump for SRK. Today this thing goes out to Craigslist. :tup:

How’s it going Tim? Damn man, I didn’t know you were selling this masterpiece cabinet.

Guys I had the pleasure of seeing this excellent cabinet myself a while back, and I can tell you with 100% certainty , that anyone who buys/bought this machine is one lucky dude. I’d of bought it myself if I had the space for it :frowning:

Tim I’ll be talking to you over the summer bro :slight_smile: