[FS-US, CA] Custom control panels for purchase


Custom joysticks available.

I have been building arcade joysticks for a while now. They are available at a regular rate. Anything is possible.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks.

Here is a link to additional panels and samples.



I always enjoyed your work. I’m glad you are offering it to those who can’t build their own here.


You should probably post in the Trading Outlet instead and give us some general prices for sticks like in your first link.

Oh sorry, I didnt know there was such a thing. I will look for it. Should I delete this post?

No keep it, that way people will see both, just include a link to the thread in the trading outlet

What are your rates?

My rates are negotiable and fair. I’m not looking to get rich off this, I have a job. I just like doing this and I need to make enough money to cover my costs and justify the time to my wife.


I can build a blank 4 player blank panel, routed for trackball and topmounted sticks with plexiglass top and formica on the box, no parts, no art for $110

I can build a blank Byrdo style fighter stick with plexi for $80 primered or $100 painted and clearcoated.

With parts and art you pay the extra costs for the parts and their shipping. With wiring you pay for my solder, wire, QD’s, wire terminals, wire ties, etc

oh and shipping is extra.

Is it just me or are the buttons on the blue stick ergonomically incorrect? Also, that might not be the best place to put the start button. Most people would hit that accidentally. Just some things I would consider if I were buying these.

Other than that, good luck.


Its all up to the player. different people have different arms and different hands.

If you bring both your hands to rest on an area 8x11 then your hands will be angled. Angled so that they match the button layout on these sticks.

If you needed them angled the other way we would be happy to make that for you.

We would also but the start button on the back or front of the box for you.

Where do you ship from?

Beautiful, Sunny, Southern California :wgrin:

Nice :tup:

near LA area?

I really like that bottom see thru box

Actually yeah. LA

eerie 0_0