FS Turtle Beach head set, Dreamcast, Seimitsu joystick, GOW Col

I have a used Turtle Beach gaming head set for sale. It’s in good condition, everything works fine. Comes with everything except batteries, suction cup and velcro tabs. Model number is X3. Here’s some more info on it. http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/efx3a/home.aspx $60 plus shipping.

Just found my Dreamcast stored in my sisters basement and looking to get rid of it. Tested and everything works fine.
Dreamcast comes with one remote, power cord and TV plug. $30 plus shipping

God of War collections basically brand new. Played about 2 hours. $25 shipped

If you have any questions please ask. Also will trade for games and whatever you may have. Thanks

Shipping in USA only

linky no worky

Thanks. I think it’s working now.

Pm’s replied.

dam i wouldve bought blazblue off you if you shipped to canada.

Does the headset work with the ps3?

You would be able to use it for game sound, because it splices into the RCA connections for audio (only if you use component cables, wont work with HDMI audio) and you wouldn’t be able to use the mic because it plugs into the xbox controller for chat.

Awww damnit. Is there anything similar to this for the ps3?

PM’d ya about blazblue

You willing to trade for that PS3 blazblue? Check my thread and see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

Not sure, some third-party company like Triton might make them but I’m not sure. Google time.:sweat:

Triton makes a pretty good headset. I’ve tried them out before, and they’re pretty nice. :slight_smile:

Blazblue is sold but still have headset available.

Taking offers for the head set.

New stuff added!

can i get a actual pic of the headset and what i would get ?

LS-32 traded. bump

can u post a pic of the headsets condition?

I don’t have a camera to take pictures but I can show it through the PS3’s chat system.

If you want to call it $30 shipped for GOW Collection, I’ll take it off your hands.