FS: Tekken Tag Cab, JAMMA, SEGA Boardmaster SuperGun, PS3

hey guys, Kind of in need of some money at the moment, and am just weeding out things I don’t use anymore.

I will accept paypal ONLY. U.S. ONLY. Shipping is included in the price. I’m asking that you pay half of the paypal fees, which is .02 x $_______ .

here we go.


  • Tekken Tag Tournament Dedicated Namco Cabinet.

This is the only thing that is PICKUP ONLY. New buttons installed. Never had a problem with it.



  • $600 OBO to come and get it.


  • Sega Boardmaster Supergun

Only 1 week ago this was working 100% PERFECTLY. Just recently though it’s been having problems. Sometimes it will boot up the PCB, other times it won’t. I’m almost 100% sure this is a power supply problem. If you’re tech savy you shouldn’t have a problem fixing this thing. And boy is she a beaut!

If someone buys with in the diration of this week… i’m also going to throw in a FREE “Survival Arts” PCB.

also comes with standard composite audio cables + s-video cable.


  • SOLD


  • Killer Instinct 1

Pics taken as of 3/2/09

has flash disc drive





KI 1 setup - Sold

turned out the KI 2 board did work too.

last, but not least.

  • The Eye of Judgement (PS3)

comes complete w/

  • Game
  • Camera + stand
  • mat
  • Buttload of cards (way more than what pictured)


  • $25 shipped


:buttrock: I am willing to trade for an Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick

man if only u had posted this like last week
i woulda scooped the super gun and the ki boards

but my income tax is spent now

good luck with the sale u got some great items

^ thanks! I really have enjoyed the supergun.

Added a Nintendo USB Wi-Fi adapter.

price drop on Eye of Judgement.

Killer Instinct 2 pcb is SOLD.

pm sent!

bump. some price drops.

supergun is sold!

bump. got pics of KI working.

KI 1 Board is sold.

I may be missing something very obvious here… but where are the tag buttons on the TTT cabinet?

Every tag cab i have played on had a dedicated button to tag off the the right of 2

It’s the black ones underneath the player 1 and 2 buttons.

that’s what i thought… that’s not even close to the right layout. good luck with your sale though. may want to make this more clear.