FS: Tekken 5 anniversary package, Xbox, Xbox games and more

I have some stuff for sale because i no longer play fighting games enough that i would practice at home. I am in need of funds for some other things. They are as follows:

  • Tekken 5 anniversary package - arcade stick (great condition), Tekken 5 game (some scratches but nothing that would interfere with the reading of the disc, also, there is no instruction booklet), Collectors case for tekkens 1-5 and tag team (excellent condition).

asking $55.00-60.00 for it

  • Broken MAS Systems Arcade Stick - black panels, red comp stick, red convex comp buttons. The circuit board is friend and needs to be replaced but the buttons and stick are in great condition. I used this for about 5 months until it broke. (1 PERSON HAS ASKED FOR THIS BUT OTHER OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED IF NOT FOLLOWED THROUGH ON)
    asking $25-30 for it

  • Xbox with cords with controllers - works fine as do the controllers the cords are okay too. Don’t remember how many controllers i have but i know one is an S controller. So overall, everything works and is in good condition. It has some stickers on it that i will clean off.

asking $115 for it.

asking $15 for it

XBOX games:
-Halo 2 collectors edition - scratched, still readable and works the collectors case is dented on the back- $15

-Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO: scratched like fuck and needs cleaning - $5

-Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volley Ball - excellent condition - $15

-SVC Chaos Snk vs. Capcom - few scratches - can be read and no interference - $10

-Crazy Taxi High Roller - works fine - $5

I might add more to this list later, pics will be put up later as well.

I am willing to be flexable on the prices as well. I’d like to use paypal for the payment (the usual you pay and i send item). Refund status is pending.

-Thanks for your time

(screen name on aim = ma0x)

all together = 260

i’d also appreciate it if you posted in here.

PM sent for the MAS stick and Sega Dreamcast!

pm’s sent back to albert

PM replied

Aw mannn, let’s make this an auction! Hot diggity, I want that Dreamcast.

Majeh, you promised to ship the items by Friday and email me a tracking number. I haven’t heard from you and I’m starting to get concerned. Please email me the tracking information.

Still no responce, filed a paypal complaint.

how much shipping for the mas to cali?

how much for the tekken stick!?!?
i dont want the game though,
just the stick

I’m not sure if it’s still up, but I’m interested in the Halo 2.

Looks like Majehs computer was down and was unable to communicate with me. Items received in described condition.