FS: T5DR+KOF collection PSP games get both for 20,Logitech DS3 $20!, PICS UP

Ticketmater 100 dollar giftcard - 65 bucks

JBL DA6502 amp - never got around to using it for my car, 30 shipped

KOF and T5DR for PSP with original cases, 20 shipped for the pair

Logitech DS3 style controller - 20 shipped

will be adding more stuff and also will be adding pics once I get back home… please no super lowballs on anything I’m just going to ignore them this time around.

ipod is sold… pics will come after i clean my place up a bit and finish dinner

tmobile blackberry have hot spot at home?

if so im highly interested

indeed is it hot spot capable

u interested in a g1?

60 shipped and ill get the money to you by tonight

lemme know

to be honest i would be interested in a g1, but really I need to buy other people stuff for xmas and I’m pretty poor :frowning:

your message box is full, tried to PM.

top top top top top gobble gobble gobble

How much did u sell the ipod for?

I actually gave my friend a deal on it, 100 bucks.

Both phones together 115 shipped today and tomorrow onlyyyyyyy LMK

also have a wireless logitech DS3 copy that retails for 35 new, only used it for a week, well sell for 22 shipped.

Car amp 30 bucks shipped

Both PSP games 20 bucks shipped

ALSO the 100$ ticketmaster giftcard, willing to sell for 75 today and tomorrow only!!!

pictures -







phones are sold


gt5P for 20 shipped!

100 dollar gift card lowered to 65 dollars! i need this goneeeeeeeeee

I’m so tempted to jump on those PSP games, just got one through a trade. :rock:

Free bump for a friend, btw.

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Also card and phones are sold…

i completely missed out on those phones and i really needed em too. did they sell within a few hours after you posted?

Yeah, literally once I posted the price change i got abotu 4 PM’s all at once haha