FS: Stuff... WTB: more stuff. ;)

OK, just for reference… Look up my old accounts: j.scogz (Account was hacked, and I can’t get the password back), Mixah (Perma-banned), and hadoken King should be somewhere, but probably inactive anymore. I’ve been here since 2k3, and well over 20K posts.

If you don’t like my prices, make me an offer. Please keep all transactions HERE until you’re ready to exchange payment information. I hate going into threads and seeing 100 posts that say “PM’d”, so don’t do it to mine. I like to know what’s being sold all around.

For Sale
Nintendo DS:
Professor Layton and the Curious Village - complete ($17 shipped)
Mario 64 DS - no case / booklet ($10 shipped or $7 with anything else)
CoD Modern Warfare 4 - no case / booklet ($10 shipped, or $5 with anything else)
Guitar Hero On Tour - $5 shipped.

Crash Collector’s Edition (Crash 3, CTR, Crash Bash) - missing the paper sleeve that goes over all of them - ($20 shipped)

JLF Mounting plate - Flat - $3 shipped

WANT: (name your prices / trading offers)
Colony Wars 1-3
Final Fantasy 7 and 9
Symphony of the Night

Nintendo DS:
Action Replay
Chrono Trigger
Professor Layton 2, 3, and 4
World Ends with You
Planet Puzzle League

Yakuza 3 and 4
MGS collection
Mirror’s Edge
Star Ocean Interational
Eternal Sonata
DDR with a dance pad
PS3 Controller charging dock
God of War 3
God of War Origins

KoF 98 UM
KoF 2k2/2k3
KoF 2k/2k1
Yakuza 2
KoF Orochi
DDR Max / Max2
Megaman X Collection

Ultimate Marvel 3 Guidebook
Ignition Dance Pad (PS2, preferred)

6 OSBF30 (Is that the right model for the snap-ins?) sanwa buttons, no switches. Blue plungers with white bodies. Heavily used - ($5 shipped)
2 OSBF24 (again, snap-ins) sanwa buttons, no switches. White, moderately used. (just pay shipping, so $2.50 or something, I guess… Free with anything else)

Guile Kidrobot - $8 shipped. Green color. (SOLD)

I’ll take the Guile Kidrobot. Send me your paypal info.


KidRobot sent out.
Jubei bought the buttons. They’ll be in the mail tomorrow.

Got the Guile, perfect shape, thanks man!

Yo, I have a complete Chrono Trigger and a bunch of White buttons that came stock with TE sticks. Not sure if those are OBSF 30’s or not. Also have a black CycloDS EVO in case you’re interested.

In case you have them, I’m interested in Portal 1 and Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3, as well as N2O: Nitrous Oxide for PS1.

Otherwise, let me know if you want to buy any of those things and I’ll suggest a price.

The cyclos is the SD card thing for DS, right? If it was an R4, I’d take that, but I’m not looking at purchasing a $70 cart, used or not for a console that I play while I take shits. Seriously, my DS hangs out in my bathroom, and I catch Pokemon while I take shits. UNLESS, you want to give me a decent price on it… Let me know, but just keep in mind that I’m not looking to spend a huge amount on my DS, unless they’re regular games that I can trade interchangeably with people.

How much do you want for Chrono Trigger?
I have to update my want-list, as I no longer need buttons.

I’ll ship CT to you for $20 total.

Hmm… I think Amazon used it’s $12 + shipping, so no dice. Sorry dude.

Ah, didn’t know that. That’s a damn good deal I’d say. :slight_smile: