FS: Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting Machine (Torrance (So Cal))

Hi it’s Don from Don’s Arcade in Torrance.

I’m selling one of my arcade cabinets. It’s a Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting arcade cabinet for $400.

My Iphone is broken right now so I can’t take pictures of it. Sorry:(

But it looks like this except it’s blue instead of black and there’s no Hyper Fighting marquee (You could buy that on ebay for $20. (But I do have an Alpha 1 marquee) and no champion edition artwork but actually I can give you the authentic champion edition overlay to put on yourself (Right now it has that original generic capcom fighting game overlay) :

Google Image Result for http://www.arcade-museum.com/images/104/1043276265.jpg

Ya I know it’s a great time for me to sell something when I can’t even take pictures :sad:

One more thing this machine was from Camelot in the OC and it takes tokens so you got to change it to take quarters which shouldn’t cost that much.

But there is a new monitor in there that I had replace for a bright, vibrant, vivid, and crisp image.

I am located in Torrance, CA. I’m asking for $400 since I bought it for $600. And I actually spent another $300 to put a new monitor three months ago. And also there’s a fairly new power supply that I bought from Betson West in it as well. So everything but the cab itself is new. And the cab is in great condition. It also has happ competition buttons and two happ 360 joysticks. So $400 is a really fair price for all the money I put into it.

You could put any CPS-2/3 game in it as well and it will look marvelous. I use to run Puzzle Fighter and 3rd Strike in it.

It’s a great classic looking cabinet:)


It also kinda looks like this. But not with Super Turbo of course lol.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Videogame by Capcom

All joking aside, I’m serious about selling this. $400 and it’s yours. You have to pick it up.