FS: Stick...Chunks?

FS: Stick…Chunks? Now with 50% more Guilty Gear!

I doubt anyone will want these, but maybe someone out there would be interested in experimenting.

I will say this clearly now, I don’t know how well either of these work anymore as they are. I never used one, and the other was broken at the airport by a clumsy douche at the security check point.

Stick 1

This is an Intec Wireless stick. I never used it. I got it at a sale but lost interest in fighting games for a while before I ever used it. It takes 3 AA batteries.

Stick 2

This is my beloved Pelican Universal stick. It had a bad run in with a security twat and now the stick won’t move. Suck. It’s kinda useless as is, but I did crack it open and it has quite an interesting board. It’s pretty clearly labeled as to what connects where as far as what system uses what wires. It has some damage to the case 'cause I got excited with a screwdriver. :sweat:

Stick 2 Connectors

It connects to GC, PS2, and Xbox. Again, this is more for the tinkering type.

I wouldn’t mind 15 shipped for each, 25 shipped for both. You’ll even get the nifty hair tie.

Okay, I also have a couple of awesome games I want to get rid of. There’s also a couple of games I’m sad to put up, but oh well.

Here’s what I have so far.

Guilty Gear for Xbox
It has no manual.

Guilty Gear for PS2
It also has no manual.

Half-Life for PS2
Complete with some sticker residue on the cover. Not the most savory game to me.

Enter the Matrix for PS2
We all make mistakes, and mine was dating the guy who gave this to me. Complete, I never used it, but it’s a little beat up, which tells me someone actually did play it.

SVC Chaos flyer
It came with an arcade kit I found at the local arcade. I only have this in Japanese. My English one disappeared.
Size reference
It’s a bit bigger than a DVD case.

I don’t know what to ask for these, but I’ll take the best offer. I’ll leave everything up for bid until the 4th of March.


Come on, someone has to at least comment on how awesome they are.

Those are the best sticks ever.

Haha Thank you! :lovin:

I’ll add some new stuff later today.

sick sticks.

IF they didn’t lack quality that sticks need. GODLIKE :pray:

Thank you smartasses :clap:

If the yellow one doesn’t sell, I’ll just try to make it into a custom stick myself.

PS added more stuff.

never mind

Okay, the half life is really confusing as far as ballparking for it. The range is from 8 bucks to 70, so that’s one you’ll have to tell me what you want to pay for it.

The PS2 GG is just XX, ntsc us.

sorry I didn’t notice you had pics
and also, I misread and thought it was half life 2, my bad.

Yeah I don’t think they made half life 2 for ps2. Oh well.

Okay pulled for ebay and such.