FS: Sp00kys AH2 fund thread! All remaining items moved to EBAY

Alright guys, This is all to help support the Team Sp00ky Arcana Heart 2 Board, so if you see anything you want, please pick it up and help support. Shipping on these is on a case per case basis depending on what and how much stuff you want and how much materials I need to make sure your package gets to you safely.

Smaller packages will ship first class with delivery confirmation (MUCH cheaper) and larger packages will ship priority mail with tracking. Of course if you want something next day or something I will ship it for you but expect to pay much more for shipping.

All items now moved to EBAY.

I’ll create a NEW thread when I complete any of the discussed modded t4/sc2 sticks and offer them for sale.

what color slim?

do you mind selling just the wii component cables by itself? if so how much?

It’s the slim that came with daxter, the silver one.

As far as the component cable I kind of want to leave it with the wii since figure anyone who wants a wii probably wants the component cables also, but I’ll let you know when i get home tonight.

yo i wanna see dem blu ray movies

Soon as i get home i will post a complete list, it’s all good stuff though no trash movies except like click.

Im Buying Everythingggg

I have dibs on the Phoenix Wright figures. The rest of you can die.

Dibs on Prime~

Interested in seeing what other games you’re putting up, namely PS2 and X360.

How much does an AH2 board go for anyway?!

We got Quoted $2500 total.

God like.

Updated and added blu-ray movies + some more 360 games.

Is anyone interested in regular DVD movies?

Vic, ill get Ace Combat 6. Gotta have those im@s planes and support Dat AH2

Lots of great prices here, too bad I don’t get paid till next Friday. =/

lemme get
the departed and casino royale

you accept paypal right?

Gasp i’ll pm you my info in a sec and Will try to ship out your stuff on saturday or monday, same with heartnana.

Shameless self bump. added some pictures as well as some of the phoenix wright pins, I know there are some phoenix lovers among you guys.

Heartnana/Skisonic/Gasp: Your packages have shipped out just now. If you don’t receive anything by say wednesday/thursday evening, please pm me.

Justin: the wii is boxed up waiting for you when you are ready.

DS: The figures are waiting for you to come pick them up.

Dumb question: How the fuck do you send mail usps and get a tracking number? Do you have to send priority? The machine wouldn’t even give me an option for it with first class.