FS: Sixaxis PCBs, Balltops

Trying to clean out my surplus stock. ALL NEW, unless indicated otherwise.

Payment through Paypal. Indicate your screen name and items you are paying for in the notes.

Shipping prices.
add +3.00 for any one item. (USPS 1st Class 2 to 5 days).
add +4.00 for 2 or more items including sets (upgraded to USPS priority 2 to 3 days).
Canada residents please PM me for total with shipping.
Purchases made today thru the weekend will be shipped Monday.

I will be adding more items maybe tonight and in the next couple of days.

BLACK Sanwa LB-35 = 3.00/ea -3 of 3- SOLD
1 WHITE Seimitsu LB-35 = 3.00
1 Blue Seimitsu LB-35 = 3.00 -SOLD-
1 left- YELLOW Seimitsu LB-35 = 3.00 -1 of 2 sold-
1 BLUE BUBBLETOP Seimitsu LB-39 = 6.00 SOLD
1 BLUE LARGE BUBBLETOP 40 mm Seimitsu LB-45 will fit standard shafts without adapter = 6.00-SOLD-
1 RED LARGE SANWA balltop 40mm LB-45 for JLW. (Needs adapter to fit standard shafts not included) = 4.00
Bat tops SOLD
1 BLUE Sanwa LB-30N with adapter = 6.00 -SOLD-
1 RED sanwa LB-30N with adapter = 6.00 -SOLD-


Restrictor Gates.
SOLD OUT- Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate = 6.00/each (3/3 sold)
Mounting Plates:
2 Sanwa JLF-P1 MOUNTING PLATE = 4.00 (3/5 sold)


Topless Joytsticks (joysticks will NOT come with balltop)
To reduce cost, joysticks will not come with a balltop, choose one that’s available from above (add cost) or just use your own.

Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm Pushbutton-24mm Colored Body with Clear Plunger
2 Red rim body/Clear plunger 24mm = 2.00/each-SOLD-
2 Yellow/Clear Plunger/black rim 24mm = 2.00/each-SOLD-

Sixaxis PCBs see here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=183529


Thanks for looking!

Pm sent.

i want the large blue bubble

all PM’d.
Items added and pics.

I’ll take that 32 off your hands if it’s still available. Also is that yellow balltop in the image up for sale? I don’t see it listed.

*edit Payment sent, thanks again

pm sent

real apter please

bumps stuff and pics added

Do the JLF mounting plates come with screws?

Unfortunately no.
Although you may find a suitable countersink screws at ACE.

pm sent

ALL tracking info pm’s sent.
updated sold items
all response pm’s sent

updated qty’s and sold items indicated and/or removed

I’m interested in the LS-33 and white balltop, but I won’t have money until at least Friday.

Ill take the Ls33 if they back out. can pay anytime…

got my stuff thanks!

PM Sent on both large ball tops…

Pm’d with total and paypal info

PM’ed for T5 PCB.

PMd for all 24 mm and balltops.