FS: SFAC Arcade Stick Only Used 5 Times!

I just bought this arcade stick last week on ebay. It was used twice before I bought it and I put about 45 minutes into when I got it. I just recently acquired another arcade stick so I’m selling this one. It is in excellent condition and comes with the collectible poster as well as the certificate of authenticity. I’m asking $90 OBO + shipping, but I am open to trades for it as well.

PRICE DROP!!! $80 with shipping included.


PM sent

Hold Lifted

I understand its on hold but what stuff would you be interested in for trade?

Any version of MVC2 or any PS2 RPG’s like Disgaea or Devil Summoner. Capcom Vs. SNK 2 anything really just let me know what you have and we can work something out.

I’ve got marvel vs Capcom 2 for Dreamcast(Its burned from a cdi image, so I don’t think you want it,lol. I’ve got the japanese version of Street fighter III:Double Impact for Dreamcast.(not burned,real!)(I can also supply you with a Bootdisk for free for making this game work on any region Dreamcast)Mint,includes disc with very few scratches,also got the manual for the game in excellent condition, and all inserts present.Case is perfect condition,no cracks or damage whatsoever. I’ve got final fantasy 12 for ps2. In mint condition. Disc has very, very small, light scratches,works 100%. Manual is mint and includes inlets also(like the extra stuff that comes with the manual). Box is mint and not marked/scratched/damaged. I’ve got a mint Kingdom hearts 2 official guide I picked up, but never used. Just thought I’d say that because its RPG related. :slight_smile:

I’ve got Capcom vs SNK and Capcom vs Snk 2 burned also for Dreamcast. You obviously don’t want them,just thought I’d say it for reference sake. I’ve got a mint copy of Grandia II on PC(RPG related). I’ve got a copy of Guilty Gear X2 reload for Xbox, in mint condition.

Thats about all the stuff I’m willing to sell/trade(except the burned games,lol,you can DL them for free) If you need pics/videos of anything please let me know!

I have CVS2 for PS2. I also got some other rare fighting games for PS2. Interested?

I’m not really interested in the burned games becuase I have them all. I have Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 for DC and for ps2 i was just looking for another legit copy of it. Thanks for the interest though.


Is the Capcom vs. SNK 2 in good condition with case and manual< i would be willing to trade for that and the rest paypal. CVS2 is worth $30 used at gamstop but im an employee there so i get 25% off so I’m not in dire need of it but I would be willing to trade for that, if you pay the rest extra. If dvd madz doent want it then I would be willing to do that.

No problem man. Thanks for looking and good luck! (I kinda’ figured you weren’t interested in burned games,lol)

I would be if I couldn’t burn them lol, but I finally got a new burner so it’s not a problem anymore.

Interested in the RPGs? No? If not thats cool

Nah I’m just looking for any RPG made by Atlus now, i have all the Final fantasy’s but my favorite game designing company is Atlus they make the most Godly RPG’s-RTS games around.

Ahh,ok. Well good luck with the sale!

This post made my day

Hold for DVD-Madz has been lifted- SFAC stick is up for bids again.

I do have another copy of MVC2 for PS2 if your interested. I also have a copy of Wild Arms 3 for Ps1…I know it is not Atlus, but still a classic. And to answer your question…yes all my games are in mint condition with manuals cases…etc.

I might be interested in the MVC2 for PS2 as far as price wise its hard to say, i saw a few go today for $75 and others go for $90, but I’d rather make money off the Arcade Stick then just have an even swap. Lemme know what you would be willing to do.


Yea for sure. I’ll be willing to part with my MVC2. Unfortunately money is tight for me so I can’t afford to spend that much. And yes I’ve seen MVC2 go as far as 90 bucks on ebay. Ultimately my preference is a swap…but we can work something out.

ok i’m interested in this stick, and i have 8 mvc2 originals and one brand new sealed one. what can we work out?

let me know

What system? I may be looking into getting in the action. PM me with system, price and trade information.