FS: Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis/Master System Games/Other Gaming Stuff & Random Stuff

Hey guys, doing some cleaning and thought I would list some stuff on here to see if anyone was interested. Mostly gaming stuff but you might find some random stuff in here as well. Any questions feel free to hit me up.

Sega Dreamcast with 2 controllers and 1 VMU unit, Tested working $30 Shipped to USA

Zaxxon 3-D (Sega Master System) Boxed and Complete in great condition $10 Shipped to USA

PSone Console only, not tested sold AS-IS, great shape cosmetically $10 Shipped to USA

Magic the Gathering Chandra Nalaar Pre-Built Deck, still sealed, got from NYC Comic Con a couple years ago $7 Shipped Each to USA


SFxTekkken Collectors Bobble Budds, sealed
Dick Tracy (Sega Genesis) Boxed and Complete in great condition ****

I take the bubble sfxt pm your pay pal

I’ll take Dick Tracy and a Dreamcast controller if you’d separate it.

Separate those controllers!!

If you want to give Smashbro that DC pad, I’d take the DC+1 pad for $25 and charge Smash as you see fit.

Sound all right?

Hey guys sorry I just got back from vacation a couple days ago. This all sounds good to me, I will send you guys PM’s later. I will break down the controllers if you want Smash.