FS: Sealed Ipod Touch 32GB (NEWEST GEN 3rd Gen)

279 shipped. FIRM on price i wont budge. shipping will cost me 10 dollars with insurance covering 300 and because it’s a high priced item it will need signature confirmation which will be almost 3 dollars itself.

pm me if you’re serious. the only trade i will take is for an excellent condition iphone 3g. other than that dont bother and no i dont need a ps3 or xbox 360.

How much for the money?

A pimp would wipe his nose with 50’s. Just saying.
I’m half tempted here, but I just dropped quite a bit here for a PS3. If you still have it in a week or so I may bite, I’d need to play with a Zune HD first.


funny story is that i asked the bank for ONLY 100’s but they told me they ran out and had to give me 50’s. seriously after they said that i was like ummm wtf guys?:lame:. smaller banks have told me if i want to pull out 3k of cash each time i would have to tell them a few days ahead if i want it in all 100’s.

dont worry guys in less than a week when i sell more stuff i promise it’ll be 100’s next time.

hahahah the money made me chuckle i was like are u serious…