FS: Sanwa stick w/extra parts

This was originally a HFS3, with the top area of turbo buttons removed and filled in. Black paint job on the case, blue Sanwa JLF bat top with an octagonal restrictor gate, blue Sanwa OBSN30 buttons, two Sanwa hole plugs, and two Seimetsu clear buttons on the front for Start/Select. The metal faceplate is blank and there are templates online, so putting custom art on is easy. The stick is wired with a first party Playstation one controller.

In order to allow for maximum customization, all of the following will be included with purchase:

-The original blue Sanwa balltop
-The original square restrictor gate
-The original HFS3 PCB
-Two extra Hori buttons

All of these parts can be swapped in/out to your liking without any technical knowledge at all.

Asking $120 shipped with priority shipping and delivery confirmation.

That’s the best/cleanest HFS3 mod I’ve seen :tup: If I had the cash I’d take it. Good luck with that.

my baby :wink:

so it’s sold, then . . . ?

no, i modded it a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

ah, good.


Does the bottom of the JLF scrape the bottom of the case? People in the HFS3 mod thread were complaining about this. Some of them swapped the hori shaft in to make it fit.


It’s really an awesome stick and I appreciate all the work you did (not to mention all the tweaks I’ve done), but I’ve fallen in love with another woman (Seimetsu is a home wrecker…)

i wanna try seimitsu so bad

Youtube esjihn i did a LED mod with mine

I LOVE some seimitsu now sanwa is really good and seimitsus are OK when you first buy them. but when you wear them in is say after about 1,000-1500 presses oh there pure gold. :smile:

This is still available, any interest? The person who was buying it backed out apparently…

I would also accept a new in box or near mint Neo Geo Stick for the Wii plus some cash.


i’m going to bump this for the seller… i just found out i need a lot of work done to my car.

Any chance you’d be willing to trade for it…Im short on cash, but have alot to make a deal with…if your looking for anime or 360 games…also have a chun-li aniver. controller