FS- sanwa stick $90+ shipping

Built by DS. 6 button jap configuration with red sanwa buttons. Red sanwa stick. It’s his big box dimensions. I will put up pics soon. Just to let you know, I’m missing the button for the stick, but it works fine. The stick originally costed 165. Tell me what method you want me to ship it to you for.

for ps2?

you know what kind of pcb it has?

put up a pic im highly interested

it has original PSX (no dualshock) pcb. Pics will be up tonight. For ps2 only.

Just subscribing to see pics…

ok, so I lagged on getting those pics up cuz a friend borrowed the stick. In any case, one thing to mention is that the start and select buttons are black happ buttons compared to the 6 red sanwa buttons.