FS: Sales from hss 0130, vshg, DC sticks,Physh, Souji5, Infamouskid cases

Hi there its time for me to sale some of my collection of sticks, arcade parts more.

I have the following for sale:

Also have PS2 Saturn pad in black color. Price 87 shipped

One Mint Vshg w/ box and s-revision. Price 195 shipped

Next is Hss-0130 twin stick complete w/ box and inserts. Price 400 shipped

Ascii DC stick is fully complete and has everythingl. Only thing doesnt have is optical joystick. Price 55 shipped.

Souji5 exotic case made out of zebra wood new never used. Price 90 shipped.

PHYSH case with carbon Fiber on front and rear, sides primed. Price 65 shipped

Here i have InfamousKid Case all primed and ready for paint. Price 65 shipped

Selling Both sixaxis wireless pcb and adapter for 40 shipped.
Buttons not included.
more to come. thanks

Both ascii SOLD: more to come
Mint Agetec stick. Price 55 shipped SOLD: Shipped Tracking cx274040 890ca
Whole Set toodles adapter with ps3 sixaxis pcb. SOLD: Shipped
6 seimitsu kn’s buttons those are brand never used. SOLD: Shipped
Voltech Case. Refunded money back
New namco: Refunded money back

price drop on saturn pad

bump added new items

man. look all the good stuffs. good luck on the sales.


also updated post with new items

You have too many good things.

Also, really tempted to get that sixaxis.

Sent a PM about the optical.

meus, good stuff you’re selling! I hope beastSPL sees this thread soon. I don’t want him to lose another optical joystick! :xeye:

Yes, beastSPL, come get this!

meus, weren’t you going to save one for him?

Or are the two you are selling right now not the one for beastSPL?

My god so much rare stuff in one thread… o_o;

Dibs on the Seimitsu KNs! :looney:

U should its very cheap lol.

Thanks for ur support.

not this 2 i need quick sell. i have one more that one is for him.

Thanks i have more rare items still to come.

I’m guessing you already sold the optical I was inquiring about?

This thread is full of win. I want everything on here, especially that Sega Saturn twin stick. If I had an extra $400, I would grab it. I’ll try to save more money and see what happens.

I PMed you about that Dreamcast Agetec stick. I’ve always wanted one but I was always too late. I missed out on like three Agetec sticks already so I’m lucky this time.

pmed with paypal. thanks

man those ps2 saturn controllers are expensive! I think someone once told me it was because it’s considered the best pad for fighters or something like that. Good luck with your sale and nice collection of sticks.

are the namco sticks brand new? I’m very tempted to buy if they are. Even though i shouldn’t

yes sir new with plastic and metal holder too.

If they’re still there by the 15th i’ll take one off your hands.

If you sell the taped up to hell HSS base let me know. I desperately want an HSS but can’t afford $400. :sad: