FS : RedOctane with Korean Parts, All Sanwa HRAP2

All prices include shipping and are OBO. Either stick will include a Super JoyBox 3 Pro Playstation to USB adapter at no extra cost. Both sticks are lightly used and in great cosmetic condition. Pictures will be up some time this weekend.

RedOctane Stick with Myoungshin Fanta and Crown Buttons

  • No plexi (I accidentally stepped on it, not really a mod but…yeah…)
  • The foam pad on the bottom has been cleanly removed (GooGoned anything sticky) and has been replaced with rubber feet
  • All connections have been desoldered and replaced with QDs
  • The case is routed so that the red Fanta stick fits perfectly inside
  • 6 red Crown buttons which has male QD’s soldered on for easy switching
  • Button layout is US 6 button layout, leftmost 2 buttons (Soul Calibur layout) have been plugged with Happ plugs
  • Has stock RedOctane PCB


HRAP2 with Sanwa Buttons

  • Hori buttons replaced with Sanwa (even Select and Start)
  • Select and Start are yellow screw-ins, balltop and snap-in buttons all green
  • L1 and L2 plugged with Sanwa plugs


My girlfriend and I have our 1 year anniversary coming up…I need money! :rofl:

PMed you about the converter.

EDIT: my SFAC stick fails me again QQ. Everybody else feel free to bite on the coverter.


i like the foam bottom

i actually really like the red octane boxes
i can rest my whole arm on them shits
to bad im too lazy to mod
do any custom builders put jap parts in these type sticks?

I didn’t like the foam at all. When I played on a table it kept moving around, and in my lap the foam kept slipping.

Bump again, asking prices lowered, really need to get rid of this stuff.

PM sent for the red octane stick.

Bump, changed stuff.