FS: PSP v1.5 with 4 GB Sony Pro Duo Stick *updated /w pics*

For sale is one of the first versions of the PSP where it was able to play .iso files off of a memory stick. I’m looking for $200 shipped. I am including the system itself and a 4 GB Sony Pro Duo. The system itself looks almost brand new. No scratches on the screen at all. The screen is also protected with a Hori screen protector. Also i have done a DPad mod on it so the dpad is a lot better. It is raised higher so diagonals can be pulled off easier. Please pm me with any questions you might have.



here ya go, took some pics:








very nice deal. i woulda hopped on this if i didn’t get my psp back in the day. dpad mods are dope also

i got your pm urth, im hot all over this <3

a winner is me ^_^?