FS: New Sanwa Flash Joystick

FS: New Sanwa Flash Joystick SOLD

I have a Sanwa Flash joystick for sale.
The stick has never been used, I tested once and did not like the feeling of it and it has been in storage since. If anyone’s interested feel free to PM an offer. I’ll sell it to the highest bidder. I can only accept paypal unless you can come to Boston. I will post pictures tonight for it. Thanks for looking.
ballpark 150$ You get everything you see on the pictures.

Could you give a ballpark Price range? I totally want one of these!

Per forum rules …

When you are SELLING something, post prices INCLUDING SHIPPING COST TO U.S… If someone wants to buy outside the US, then you can respond to them.
Do not post “I want to see how much its worth” or “you make me an offer”. If you don’t know, put a ball park range and also say “Not sure how much its worth so if its too high, post your offers”.

I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling it for whatever you ask, it’s a very elusive and sought after item.

why does the inside circle of the pcb look like it was beat to death?

For being new, it looks kind of rough.

lol supposely its “new” to him.

you must have tested the fuck out of it.

it does look kinda beaten up, imo.

Looks like the metallic ring meant to protect the plastic base from that kind of wear has gone missing.

uh $60 plus shipping is all I’ll give you…

where are the 5v cables? and the 5pin cable and the yelllow flash dust cover?

also do you still have the rubber cushion for the pcb to touch on the stick?

Wow what a bunch of retards.

Holy smoke! So much for the rule on not crappying on people’s thread here… And I thought VFDC was full of idiots, this place is like a magnet for retarded poor people. So check this out

first of all this:

this not the PCB, this is the hard plastic socket. And that “inside circle of the pcb look like it was beat to death”… that is grease, because the stick hasn’t seen fresh air in storage.
And this is what happens when I clean it off:

Real beat up…

and this is what the stick looks like when assembled:

you see that new silver washer where the grease was in the middle? Oh yea, I test it real hard… If you think this is hard, hate to break it to ya… that’s why your last boyfriend left ya…

here are some other pictures:

and the stick is sold. You snooze, you lose. Put in some more overtime at Burger King this month and maybe you can afford it next time.

hey man im offended when you call people retards… i asked some legit questions… cuz i own like 4 flash sticks and there are some specifics you didnt picture when you said “You get everything you see on the pictures.”

i woulda bought it if you had responded to my pm cuz i need another one for me. i hope the new owner makes good use of it. and when you set up something for ballpark offers… you should let the other person who made you a Serious offer know the highest bid so if I wanted to bid more i could have. i didnt lowball it with $60 cuz i know what they are worth(no offence ebortion… i know your poor)

and for everyone else… DONT post useless and RUDE comments unless you are serious about buying it.

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VFDC has people paying $150 for it?
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Your selling me the other stick right? :wgrin:

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