FS: NAOMI Games + Hardware!

Canon Spike Kit ($170):


Original Art/Manual. Marquee is near mint. Move strips were removed from a surface so I put them on wax paper to keep them from sticking to anything. Move strips are near mint. Manual is a bit rough. Looks photo copied, but I have many Capcom kits from many eras and that’s how most of the American kits come, so I believe it’s original since it came w/ all the other original art when I first purchased it. Cart is near mint.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cart ($170):


Marquee has a crack and has been taped from the front. Looks like you could remove the tape from the front and tape it on the back for a decent looking header. Same story as Cannon Spike for the move strips and manual. Capcom I/O sold seperatly below.

Naomi System ($60):


Fully tested, just the system. No game. No I/O board.

Take the Marvel 2 kit (no I/O board) + NAOMI system for $200!

Capcom I/O ($110): - SOLD - to the7k
Fully tested, ready to role. See MVC2 photo.

I’m in USA, but can ship anywhere. Thanks! :smiley:

I am interested, would you be willing to bundle?
Also… Prices inclusive of shipping?

PM Sent!

Take the Marvel 2 kit (no I/O board) + NAOMI system for $250!

Price Drop! Take the Marvel 2 kit (no I/O board) + NAOMI system for $200!