FS: Namco PS1 Yellow/Gray joystick


For Sale is my last Namco Playstation Yellow/Gray Joystick. It comes with its original box and it’s in very good condition. I can take pictures if requested but it looks like this:


Price: $70 shipped in the US with Priority Mail/DC FIRM.

Thanks guys!

so tempting but honestly i don’t need a third namco. good luck!

Hahahahahahaha. I had like three of them at one time and I was wondering why I purchase like three of them. :rofl:

How much are you looking to spend? I have an HRAP2 with Pelican converter for sale.

Depends, do you have a picture of it?

Remember, Sanwa JLF stick/buttons only.

Edit: OH crap nevermind PM sent!


Price drop.