FS: Namco PS stick (again), Hori Gamecube stick

Disclaimer: I don’t use paypal

I have another Namco stick, this one not as nice as the last. It has some surface rust and stainage and the box is a bit worn. $60 shipped

I also have a GCN stick, Fighting Stick / Cube by Hori. It’s pretty much identical to the Soulcalibur 2 stick, except without SC2 art. It is in excellent condition, and the box is in very good condition sans a couple bumps. $85 shipped

I accept Squarecash, Google Wallet and Chase.
PM me if interested or if you have any questions.

[details=Spoiler]Edit: Sold
Edit 2: For sale I have a CvS2 Capcom optical stick (black and yellow). It’s in good shape, minor wear and the backplate is good. The box is a little worn but still sturdy. Comes with inserts (manual leaflets and character cards). As I don’t have the box with me right now I’ll add pictures later. $130 shipped

As I don’t use pp, I have a useless ebay $30 code. $21[/details]

PM sent

Pics of box?



Just wanted to sau how happy I am with Iboki’s service and the Namco stick he sold me is awesome. Condition is even better than he described.
Great seller, so here is a free bump :slight_smile:

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