FS: My whole Home Video collection

It’s been fun, but honestly I haven’t used this stuff for awhile so all of this is for sale.

I have the following things at the following prices:

Sayno VHS Player: $15

Pioneer Laserdisc player DVL-909 (reads both DVDs and LDs). Japanese export model, gold color player with American remote. Complete with its box, manual, remote, and player. $200

Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray/DVD player complete with its box, manual, remote and other paperwork. Still in great condition. Comes with free 3ft HDMI cable. $150

I have over 100 Laserdiscs for sale (most of it is US anime releases and Criterion stuff).

Prices: Most live action will be low as $2 or high as $30 depending on title.

All Live Action LDs:

12 Angry Men Criterion
2001: A Apace Odyssey Criterion Laserdisc box set SE
2001: A Space Oddssey first print 1984
Above The Law
Alice in Wonderland
American Graffti
Bambi CAV edition
Batman Returns
Blade Runner Criterion one disc and two disc editions
Blade Runner: The directors cut
Blue Planet
Boyz N The Hood Criterion
Broken Arrow
Crimson Tide
Do the Right Thing Criterion
Dr. Stranglove Criterion
Enter the Dragon
Forrest Gump
Ghostbusters Criterion not special
Hard Boiled Criterion Three disc edition SE
Highlander 10th Anniversary
In the Name of the Father
Judge Dreed
Jurassic Park DTS
Kindergarten Cop
Last Action Hero
Malcom X
Midnight Run
Mortal Kombat
Navy Seals
North By Northwest Criterion two disc not special
One Flew Over the Cuckoo?s Next Pioneer SE two disc
RoboCop Criterion two disc edition
Showboat Criterion Laserdisc box set SE
Spartacus Criterion
Star Wars Original All three movies not CGI version
Streets of Fire
Taxi Driver Criterion two disc edition
Terminator 2
Terminator 2 Special Edition box set
Terminator THX edition
The Deer Hunter
The Fugitive
The Great Escape Criterion
The Hard Way
The Hunchback of Nothe Dame
The Hunt of Red October
The Lost World: Jurassic Park DTS
The Pink Panther
The Producers Criterion
The Road Warrior
The Running Man
The Seventh Seal Criterion not special edition
The Wizard
This is Spinal Tap Criterion two disc edition
Top Gun widescreen edition
Total Recall

All Anime LDs (I like to sell them as sets and won’t be breaking up series):

Price: Depends, most of these stuff is hard to find.

AD Police Files Subtitle version
Akira Criterion Thee-Disc SE
Area 88 all episodes (three discs)
Armitage III episode 1
Battle Royal High School
Bubblegum Crash subtitle version
Bubblegum Crisis all episodes (4 discs)
Crusher Joe Movie
Crusher Joe OVAs
Crystal Triangle
Demon City Shinjuku
El-Hazard OVA all episodes (4 different releases)
El-Hazard TV series volumes 1-5 (missing the last two volumes) It?s in a box set
Genesis Surviver Gaiarth all episodes (3 discs)
Genocyber all episodes (two disc, no part 4 and 5)
Gumsith Cats 1 and 2
Hades Project Zeorymer all episodes (2 disc)
HyperDoll all episodes (2 discs)
Kisin Corps all episodes (4 discs)
Macross Plus all episodes (4 discs)
Madox 01-Riding Bean
MD Geist
Moldiver all episodes (6 discs)
Pantom Quest Corp Vol 1
Pretty Sammy 1 and 2
Project A-ko
Robot Carnival
Tenchi Muyo Mihoshi Special
Tenchi Muyo OVA all episodes (10 discs)
Tenchi The Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love
Tenchi Universe all box sets (eight box sets)
The Hakkenden all episodes (7 discs)
The Ultimate Teacher
The Venus Wars
Transformers the Movie first print and second print (JP LDs)
Urotsukido Legend of the Overfiend and Legend of the Demon Womb
Vampire Hunter D
You?re Under Arrest 1 and 2

Here’s a list of the VHS, DVDs, and Blu-Ray (if you’re buying a lot I can make a deal):

If the DVDs has no prices on them they are $5 unless noted.

801 TTS Airbats: $10 HOLD
Assemble Insert
Bandit King Jing complete series Thinkpack: $15
Bubblegum Crash
Champion Joe
Crimson Wolf
Dirty Pair OVA collection: $10
Domain of Murder
Dominion Tank Police: $15
Hades Project Zeorymer both DVDs: $10
Here is Greenwood
Kawajiri Collection Pack: Demon City Shinjuku, A Wind named Amnesia, Birdy The Mighty Double Trouble and Final Force: $20
Kekko Kamen
Legend of Lemnear
New Fist of the North Star collection HOLD
Patlabor OVA collection: $30
Proton complete OVA collection: $20
Record of Lodoss War OVA collection: $20 HOLD
Roujin Z
Ruin Explorers
Silent Service
Sukeban Deka
They were Eleven
Warth of the Ninja

Anime VHS tapes:

Dangaio all OVA episodes: $10
Mad Bull 34 1-3: $15
Zillion: Burning Light: $2
Teacher?s Pet VHS tapes (Anime 18): $2 for both tapes, English dub)
Goku: Midnight Eye: $10
All Streamline Dirty Pair tapes: $10 for all three
Silent Mobius Streamline movie release: $3
The Professional: Golgo 13 Streamline release: $1


The Terminator: $10

For shipping:

LDs weight a lot if put together, if it gets to be a lot then I might have to charge a lot for shipping sadly. I will ship everything but I’m afraid if I ship the LD player it might be DOA. The player was shipped before and it got here perfectly fine and I kept all the packing stuff so if you want me to ship the LD player expect shipping to be around $30ish with Priority Mail/DC.

Also I’m located in the Jacksonville, FL area so if you want to do local pickup then it would be better for me.

Thanks for looking!

Sold two DVDs!

I’m interested in Here is Greenwood, how much would it be with shipping?

Could post pics of the Tenchi LDs?

LD posted, sending you guys some PMs.

LOL i just saw this posted on GTZ like 10 mins ago. good luck with sale.


wondering what site is GTZ?


How much for star wars LDs.