FS: MvsC2 and more

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

  • 75$ Shipped , or Trade for joystick.*

15th Anniversary Ryu Pad (Sealed)

$24 Shipped US

PXGeforce 6600 PCI-E 256mb

*Older Graphics card still plays most games pretty damn good 100 fps on cs1.6 and plays most games with no lag.

32$ Shipped US*

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4! (JAP) w/ Freeloader for (US)


good fighting game for the gamecube, got imported with the freeloader awhile back for 100$ take it shipped for 50$ shipped freeloader included


msg me on aim @ KILLACAMn714


Accepting all trades, mainly looking for a joystick for ps2…


nice deals :slight_smile:

interested in any thing :wonder:

Hmm, the DDR looks interesting. I’ll have to think it over a bit.

Ok. Everything still open for sale/trade :wgrin:

how much is mvc2 going for?

im not selling it for money im including it as an item to trade for a joystick. if you wanna talk business pm me or im me on aim @ KILLACAMn714

Accepting Offers for Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Via PM.

DDR SuperNova: Pending Payment

also price went down for naruto

NGNT4 w/ Freeloader 50$ shipped.

Does Marvel vs. Capcom 2 have any major scratches on it? I am thinking of buying it but my PS2 is very finicky with damaged/dirty discs.

no major scratches, just regular small scratches from use, my ps2 is also very picky , it wont even play most blue disc, but MvsC2 works fine! :wgrin:

hey cam, is mvc2 still up for sale?

Damn, If I had any money, I’d jump on that graphics card in a minute.

Outside of a Joystick, anything else you are looking for?

oh, and cameron, that’s the max i’m willing to pay. forgot to add that in.

what kind of items in specific would you trade mvc2 for?

Will think about what im looking for sanji, shoo im accepting offers via pm.

everything is still up cept for the DDR

EDIT: Im Currently looking for a DVD Player that plays Xvid / raw .AVI Files

UPDATE: MvsC2 for 75$ shipped.