Fs: Mvc 3 ce xbox 360 w/ dlc code

Like title says. It’s the tough to find Collector’s Edition of the game, almost brand new. It’s has been played a few times, and i will include the comic book that was attached to the bacl too.

As for price, I’m just asking for what i paid + shipping, so looking for 70 to your door.

Side note, i haven’t used the DLC code mainly because the capcom website kept giving me an error, but i can assure you ten fold that the code remains unused.

Might take trades from Shmups, Sega CD games, or Supreme shit, dont be afraid to offer, im hella nice. :rofl:

And lastly if you need to see and more feedback, I have tons of refs on ISS forums and 60+ positive fb.

Well of course the code remains unused–it isn’t active yet! Right?

huh you sure? i could of sworn you can register the code early

Updated OP

Still have

price drop