FS: Modded Wireless Ex2 for 360



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150 OBO I was told would be better.

PM Sent

More pics as requested. Little blurry cuz I had to use my cell.


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Brightsons the black box on top is for the batterys you just replace them. Sorry I can’t send pms becuase I’m on my blackberry till tommorow. I can read them though. Thanks adam

Man, if that was “wired” I’d snag it, especially since akuma made it. How long does the battery last on full charge?

That depends on how much you play, it lasts just the same as a regular wireless controller. Yea Akuma did an awesome job. Why would you want wired? Tournies? Anyway thanks for the bump.

Just don’t like having to charge the thing since my 360 controls only last like 3 hours max I think.

I already have an ex2 that I had akuma mod as well and wanted the same setup since mine’s wired. Pretty sure you’ll get to sell it though. Good Luck! :tup:

Whoa really you must have bad batterys in there. Are you using a play and charge or actually putting double a batteries in there? I play a couple hours a night with it for a couple weeks before replacement.

Just curious, does it take standard AAs, or did akuma wire it to take the battery pack?

It takes two double A’s in the black box up top

Yea, it’s the play n charge. It beats having to buy batteries all the time but the amount of play time I can get off it fully charged sucks.

Some bills came up and I won’t be able to get it anytime soon. Hopefully somebody else will jump on this because its an awesome deal.

125 shipped. Price drop.