FS: Modded Hrap 2 SA

Hrap 2: SA

Month old: few scuffs, rubber feet taken off.

Everything is new,

Blue Bubble top Seimitsu
6 Ps-14-KN Blue clear buttons
2 OBSN 30s
Kaytrim LED mod
14,000 mcd (100ohm) Super Bright white LEDs
(Buttons light up when you press them)

For 210$ plus shipping/paypal fee or Best offer!

I really dont want to sell this thing i absolutely love it nothing better in my opinion, but…

I Want to buy a HRAP 3 AV and mod it as well… yet i dont have the funds to do so… Your time patience and purchase would be very welcome.

I have feedback in that part of the forum to show i am good seller.


Thanks you :smile:






Edit bump to 220$ if you would like some spare wiring and 6 extra 14000 mcd LEDs enough to replace all the parts for the LED mod when it goes out in like 5 years :rofl:

OMG Esjihn, you parting with that beauty?!

I’m very tempted to grab that.

I really dont want to :sad: :sad: :sad: But i want to do an even better mod to a HRAP 3 AV so unless i make like 500$ by the weekend (which could happen because i am a server a brand newly built 3 million dollar restaurant) to cover assorted bills and the price of a HRAP 3 AV then im going to be forced to…sigh

Hey why not wait a while D: it is not like you have to mod/buy the HRAP3 AV now. I know you like your stick too, so just wait.

You guys are right damnit…

I love you guys :lovin:

Close Thread mods

I would have bought it in a heartbeat lol



no hurt in trying still