FS: Modded AES and G: MotW Reduced

For sale are a US Mega Neo Geo AES and a Japanese version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


This is a Mega Neo Geo AES modified by Neotropolis. It has both composite and s-video modifications and runs Uni-Bios 2.0. It also has a green LED in the restart button. This shell is in truely beutiful condition with only one or two very faint marks, sporting a serial number of 17,242, which makes this quite an old console for it’s remarkable condition. Comes with one classic controler (ball crack, logo fade), AC, composite and RGB cables.

Asking Price: 125 + Shipping


Next up is Garou: Mark of the Wolves, which is complete in near mint condition. Has three or four insertion marks and a small nick on the top portion of the front cover.

Asking Price: 175 + Shipping

I ship world wide, PM for more info.

Prices lowered…

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