FS: MAS (PS2/DC), Hori Fightingstick II (PS2), Modded X-Arcade Solo (PS2)

Hey all,

Trying to rid myself of some extra hardware, and I thought I’d give y’all at a crack at it before I eBayed it off.

I’ve got a MAS systems Super-Pro Stick with Competition stick and competition buttons, with cords for PS2 and DC as well as that old PC port they put on. the cords are new, actually, from MAS systems itself. it’s a great stick, but I gotta let go. I’ll let it go for $130 + $14 shipping.

Also got a PS2 Hori Fightingstick II, it’s a nice little Japanese stick that I have two of and want to sell one off. Asking $40 + $7 shipping.

If you’re looking for a slightly different Japanese stick, I have the SVC: Chaos PS2 stick that i’d be willing to let go of for $30 + $7 shipping.

Finally, I’ve got an X-Arcade Solo with the PS2 adapter that’s been customized with a competition stick and competition buttons. Asking $70 + $10 shipping.

Pictures available upon request. I’m going to list this stuff on eBay in a few days, so holla ASAP if you’ve got your eye on something.



gah, i just ordered a HFS2, and it cost me 8 dollars more than if i had bought it from you. :tdown:

…yeah, i’m poor. lol

PM sent

okay, these pics suck, but here are the MAS stick and the Hori Fightingstick 2:

i’ll get the rest up later tonight.

here are the SVC stick and the X-Arcade sticks:

Um… you do realize those last 2 pictures are reversed, right?

unless they actually do have the stick on the right… i have seen some sticks like that. my question is, on the svc stick are the buttons soldered directly to the pcb? and is that the lowest you’ll go on the mass?

yeah, those last two pics are reversed. oops.

i dunno about the svc stick and soldered buttons, and yeah, that’s a deal on the MAS already…

do you know how well the svc stick plays?

Does the HFS2 have soldered buttons as well?

PM sent

pm’ed ya.

wow, hella PMs. responded to most of you, i think.

no one have love for the other sticks?

re: HFS2: i dunno about the solder. sorry.

well, i might purchase the HFS2 and the SvC sticks, but i don’t want to buy anything until i get my school mailing address for this coming year (i think it changes every year). so, if the sticks are still up in august, i’ll let you know.

hey ill buy the svc stick from ya, how much total with shipping to mexico my postal code is 77400

so its 30 for the stick and 7 for shipping right???

hey pat, is the HFS2 still for sale? i think i have a friend who might be interested in it.

The X-Arcade still available, and is it USB?

sorry i haven’t checked this thread in a while, only been on PMs.

the x-arcade is still for sale but i think it’s just ps2 only.

the hfs2 is still for sale, the only catch is that i might not be able to ship it out until mid-august because i’m out of town.