FS: Madcatz TE Round 1 dual mod

The Round 1 Madcatz TE is in mint condition. It is the PS3 version and it is dual modded with a madcatz arcade joystick pcb (the frogger-looking one so it doesn’t have the flaky pcb of the 360 fightsticks). The 360 pcb is hooked up to the six white face buttons, start, back , guide, not RT and not LT. There is a toggle switch mounted inside the cable door for easy switching between PS3 and 360.

Asking $150 shipped for the TE.




Nice mod on the VSHG, good luck on the sale and on the baby!

pm’d earlier hit me up :slight_smile:

Thanks Lostcase.

VSHG on hold for ibeatu.

yay for ibeatu, good guy.


also payment sent for vshg

VSHG is gone. Price drop on TE.

Any pics of the dual mod?

I haven’t taken pics of the inside, I can give you more info on the dual mod. It was done using this method: http://virtuafighter.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/199704/1 . I used this Xbox 360 pcb: http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Game-Pad-White/dp/B002MX6TEE/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1273948696&sr=1-7 .

The toggle switch is mounted inside the cable door so it is easily accessible and not visible so the stick looks stock from the outside. It is this type of switch: http://www.gamingnow.net/diy-other-diy-c-81_84/dual-pole-dual-throw

where are you located? so cal perhaps?

Yes, I’m in Santa Barbara.

any chance you’re coming to the inland empire area any time soon? lol

That is a stellar price. The OG TE is and always has been my favorite.

I’ll be in Yorba Linda next weekend visiting my parents. That’s not too far from IE.

next week? aiight i’ll look into it, if you haven’t sold it by then, i’ll swing by and get it