FS: Madcatz SE parts (PCB, Shell, buttons) unlocked iPhone - Price drops

Shipping is not included, though I usually charge less then the actual costs. Up for sale is the following…

Madcatz SE Parts (all parts are still brand new)


Joystick - $7
Buttons- $6
Shell- $25

Sega Saturn Development disks… All discs look like they are brand new. Prices are as follows or $120 for the whole set.

SGL Toolkit (4/30/1996)- $40

Sega Saturn Developer’s Documentation Vol. 1 - $40

Sega Saturn Graphic & Sound Tools for Mac - $30

Cinepack Movie Tools $40

iPhone 2G unlocked. There is a little bit of wear on the phone as you can see in the pics, though the screen is in good cosmetic condition. LCD has small lines of dead pixels on the left and top sides as you can see in the pic. Not distracting, really though it is there… Lots of apps are loaded on the phone. $130

pm’d for shell

edit: let me know if you got the pm. not sure if it’s working


also pmd

PM sent

It’ll be interesting to see what the market is like for Development stuff on here. I have some DC Dev stuff I may get rid of. Good luck with the sale!

PMs responded to…

eczangief- I wasnt expecting any interest in the discs on a fighting game site, though I got a few offers surprisingly so I guess there is some interest in dev stuff on here. What DC items do you have?

price drops!

hello sir, pm’d for SE stuff