FS: Korean Joysticks/Buttons and Sega Control Panels

Hey guys,

I got back from Korea last week and am only now recovering from jetlag and a cold. Let me tell you, there were a bunch of good and bad surprises.

Bad news, I wasn’t able to get any Sega panels because the two times I went the store was closed. : (

Good news. If you want Sega panels, laugh can still get them for you. Other good news is that Crown (a Korean arcade parts manufacturer) has stepped up the quality of their products and made some great revisions to their current line of sticks and buttons. Not only are there some new colors but there are new BALLTOP sticks. They still feel like Korean style joysticks but they have balltops. The balltops are have a cool pattern on it. You can see them in the pictures but if you can picture the AT&T globe logo, it’s like that. The buttons were improved as well.

So here’s what I have to sell. I will calculate ACTUAL shipping charges after you give me your complete order.


Crown with Designer Balltops (1 x Green, 1 x Pink, 1x Red, 1 x White) - $20 each
These babies are new from Crown. They’re a REALLY great mix for those of you who like the stiffness of American parts and circular restrictor but like to use a balltop instead. The balltops are attached to the joystick shaft so you can’t swap it out. But honestly, these things look so cool with their design, I don’t know why you’d want to swap it out.

Crown snap-in/screw-in button sets of 8 (2 x BLUE, 1 x YELLOW) - $20 per set
These buttons can act as both snap-ins and screw ins. In addition, this time around I also got the optional plastic rings that site between the button and the nut. Since the buttons are rather long, it gets tedious to screw the nut all the way and off. This rings cut down the amount of screwing on and off you have to do. It’s hard to explain but they’re included with each button now. Whether you want to use them or not is your choice.

However if you buy a joystick and one set of buttons you’ll get a $5 discount.

Shipping will depend on where you live but it’ll probably be $5-$10 per set.

For info on on what Korean parts are like see below.


Korean joystick: The two popular brands are Fanta and Crown. Most people seem to care for the Fanta more. For a pretty detailed bit of information see EJM’s most (Post #9) in this old thread:

Korean sticks are microswitch based sticks that use .187 tabs (just like US and Jap sticks).


Korean buttons: Similar to Japanese button feel. No click like US style. All Korean buttons have a black bezel. For some information see this thread (Post #37 and #39):

There are no tabs on these screw-in buttons though. You must directly solder to points on the bottom of the buttons. You can see the blue Crown buttons in this picture above the JLF/LS-32-01 stickers:


Here’s what laugh had to say on Korean parts last time:


I’d be interested if I only knew what Korean arcade parts felt like…

Oh well, have a fun trip to Korea.

Also to add, I MIGHT be able to get Sega arcade panels populated with Sanwa parts and CP looms. Last time I was in Korea I stopped by the Sega store there and bought a couple for a good price. If they’re available, I’ll get updated pricing and post up when I’m in Korea.

Last time I checked they mostly had Astro City panels 2L8B. I will ask specifically for 2L12B Astro and Blast since they are the most popular. Like I said, they were fully populated with JLFs and OBSF-30/24 buttons and CP loom. These would probably be about $100 - $120 (depending on the model) plus domestic shipping to you.

I don’t know how many I can bring back given my luggage constraints, but if there’s a LOT of interest I could always mail some back to myself (although this would increase price a bit).

I’ll keep everyone updated.


Paik, are the Astro panels new?

Yes, the Astro panels were brand new.


Last bump before leave on Sunday.

Again I will update with Sega panels once I arrive in Korea and have time to stop by the shop.


Have a nice trip. :cool:

Woohoo, here you go people. Korean parts-a-plenty! Including brand new designs by Crown!


After playing SFIV in West Covina (Machines use Fantas and Crowns) I’d LOVE to put together/have a custom builder make me a Korean stick someday. Good stuff man, good luck on your sales! :tup:

PM Sent


YO homie!

I tried contacting you earlier…

I was interested in the Black Fanta and Purple Crown…

And a Blue balltop stick!

Let me know if they’re still avail…

PMs replied to and thread updated with current stock and holds.


Daily stock update with holds. First shipment of orders will go out tonight/tomorrow.


Second round of orders were shipped today. Stock update in the first post as well.


Third round of orders were shipped today. Also, one more of each color black and purple are available.


interested in the black balltop and some buttons good sir. will contact you via. AIM.

Next set of orders went out today. Also some inventory/price changes.




how much are the stickers?